Help! I’ve Cracked My Tooth!

So you’ve cracked your tooth—We know this can be stressful. But don’t worry, [PRACTICE_NAME] is here to help.

Our main goal is to save your tooth, but the treatment plan and outcome all depend on the type, extent, and location of the damage. Before any more damage can be done, seek treatment as quickly as possible.

How to tell

Cracked teeth aren’t always obvious as having a crack down the middle; you could have different symptoms like:
• Inconsistent pain while chewing
• Pain when the tooth comes in contact with hot or cold
• Sharp edge you can feel with your tongue

What to do

• Make an appointment to see [LAST_NAME] as soon as possible.
• Rinse your mouth with warm water.
• Apply pressure with gauze if there is any bleeding. You can also use a damp tea bag (it promotes clotting).
• Apply a cold compress to your face next to the broken tooth. Cold helps relieve pain and swelling.
• Take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

How to prevent cracks

Cracks can happen for many reasons, but you can lesson your chances by:
• Not chewing on hard objects (like ice!)
• Not grinding and clenching your teeth (and wear a mouth guard at night if you do!)
• Wear facial protection when playing contact sports

If you do find yourself with a crack, call us at [PHONE link=“true”] as soon as possible so we can determine the best plan of action.