Advanced Safety Protocols

What We Are doing to Keep You Safe

Due to the ongoing Covid concerns, we continue to lead our peers in the cleanliness stage. We stagger patients, use masks for patients and staff, screen patients and staff for body temperature and symptoms prior to treatment. All of our staff members have been vaccinated. We thoroughly wipedown treatments rooms, check-in, and check-out areas, as well as pens, doorknobs, or any other potential transmission sites.
  1. Sterilization - we use a Hydrim instrument washing machine prior to instruments going into the autoclave. It is much like a power washer pre-cleaning instruments with chemical, water spray, and a high purity rinse. This is thought to help remove debris and prions, which are a type of protein that may be present in bacteria and viruses. 
  2. Autoclave - We verify EVERY cycle has been processed correctly and completely with
  3. Surgically Clean Air - We have purchased a surgically clean air unit for each clinical operating room. This is a quiet machine that re-circulates and turns over the treatment room air approximately every 10 minutes. This filtration system pulls the room air thru a particle filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filter. It then disinfects the air with HV-C+ lamps, TiO2 catalyst, and is further treated with hydroxyl radicals and negative ions. We strive to keep our staff and patients as safe as possible during these trying times.
  4. We utilize a hypochlorous acid fogger to spray in our treatment rooms in between patients to further reduce any chance of aerosolized contaminants. You may hear us use this machine as it sounds similar to a loud vacuum cleaner. Thus, don't be alarmed, but know that we are doing everything possible for your safety.